The Benefits of BPI Wastewater Treatment


elieve the burden of regulatory compliance, credit approvals and plant operations.

The costs, benefits and yields at each BPI installation are site and country specific, depending on the nature and volume of the wastewater treated.  Project Outsourcing based on a Pilot Study, will deliver benefits far beyond wastewater regulatory compliance.

Productivity Gains

  • Reduce energy costs by using biogas for heat and power
  • Mitigate water discharge fees
  • Maximize the recycling of water
  • Produce methane, bioenergy and process steam

Sustainable Energy

  • Continuous reliable performance
  • Renewable energy at lower, predictable prices
  • Respite for surrounding land

Offset Capital Expenditures

  • BPI expert advisors and Strategic Partners can deliver Carbon and Renewable Energy Credits, Captive grants, and low-cost financing.

Valuable By-products:

  • High-value organic fertilizer
  • High-protein animal feeds
  • CO2

Release Resources Trapped in Non-core Activities

  • Project Outsourcing (Consult, Design, Build, Own, and Operate)
  • Performance Guarantee

Enhanced Corporate and Community Relationships

  • Demonstrate environmental responsibility and stewardship by going beyond compliance
  • Show regulatory transparency and accountability, through real-time monitoring

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