The Environmental Imperative


nvironmentally responsible initiatives are moving from the margin of politics and business to the mainstream.  The move to Clean Technology promises clean air, clean water and produces renewable energy at lower cost with stable, predictable pricing.

The technologies that are available (e.g. wind, solar, hydro, ocean, biomass, fuel cells and water treatment) are being tested and proven.  In the case of BPI we have 23 years of successful experience and knowledge of Anaerobic Reactors.

Mandates and incentives are in place across the world at both local and national levels, to induce environmental responsibility.  The basic drivers are compliance and, increasingly, the cost of energy.

At BPI, we begin by seeing your wastewater as a commercial asset.  And we end by guaranteeing our performance; transforming High COD/BOD wastewater into bioenergy and other products while freeing-up valuable resources trapped in non-core activities.

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