BPI's Enduring Science


or unique Anaerobic Reactors are specifically designed to treat high COD/BOD wastewater.  The fixed film, down-flow system creates a highly buffered operating environment through the use of a proprietary flow system, packing medium and biomass management.

The system achieves high COD/BOD removal efficiencies and produces a biogas suitable for energy conversion: heat and power from boilers, generator sets and cogeneration.  BPI is the world leader in the challenging areas of large volume reactors, high strength COD and high sulphate concentrations.

The BPI system is highly resistant to toxins and shock loads.  Furthermore, the system can be shut down and restarted in a matter of days.  The microbial biomass can maintain viability during shutdowns of several months duration, with rapid ramp up once production resumes.

System automation, with intelligent control loops enabling process adjustments, promotes reliable operation with reduced operator input.  The entire installation is stable, robust and economical to operate while reducing overall plant energy costs.

At BPI, we feel strongly about our claims of performance reliability and startup assurance, and our business model allows us to serve the customerís best interests with our continuing site role in plant operations and maintenance.

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