BPI Services


provides a broad spectrum of services, everything from the initial consultation to Anaerobic Reactor system design and plant operation.  We recommend a site water survey and we offer a Pilot Study to create a design concept that is cost effective, is technically sound and gives optimum performance at site conditions.  BPI's Consult, Design, Build and Operate services are delivered with a promise of guaranteed performance.

The BPI process incorporates the use of equalization/balance tanks, sludge handling, biogas cleaning and sulphur removal systems, as required.  Failsafe reliability comes from automation and installed redundancy of critical spares.

From the outset, BPI provides technology, project financing and resources qualified to manage the CDM Project Design Document process.  In the course of project execution, BPI’s project management will oversee procurement, construction, biomass introduction and system startup.  BPI then oversees a schedule of operations, maintenance and performance reporting following best practices developed over 23 years.

Our Anaerobic Reactor process is supported by a legacy of successful design improvements and a sustained track record of site Operations and Maintenance, a combination unmatched by any other technology provider.


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