BPI Reference Sites

Above is the San Juan, Puerto Rico plant of the Bacardi Corporation, the largest, lowest-cost and highest quality rum producing plant in the world.  BPI's Anaerobic Treatment Technology has been running consistently at Bacardi Corporation for over 20 years.  It has received a number of awards for compliance and this installation is saving the Bacardi Corporation in excess of $3 million a year.

Other Sites

Miles Laboratories, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

The first plant built after receiving the patents for BPI's exclusive technology.  A pilot study was commissioned by Miles in competition with the Celrobic system.  BPI's system outperformed the Celrobic system by a wide margin.  The plant met all performance guarantees and was so efficient that Miles imported waste from another plant for treatment in our digestors.

Coors Biotech, Winchester, Kentucky, USA

This plant treats wastewater from the production of vitamin B12 via a fermentation process.  The plant was built and met all performance guarantees.  The plant was later sold to a European group.

Brugal Rum, San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic

The technology used at Brugal was similar to that used at Bacardi Corporation as the rum making process used was the same.  The plant is currently in use and meeting all performance guarantees.  The value of the biogas generated will cover the costs of the plant within 4 years.

Steuben County Landfill, New York, USA

This was an experimental landfill leachate treatment plant sponsored by the New York State Environmental and Research Development Authority.  The plant met all performance guarantees.  In fact, this plant worked so well that leachate from another landfill was imported and successfully treated.

Martini & Rossi, Italy

This plant was designed based on lab scale studies.  The waste from the winery is chemically stable and is composed mostly of sugars.  The system continues to meet all of BPI's performance guarantees.  This plant was so efficient that when the production plant was enlarged the additional waste was accepted by the treatment plant without need for enlargement.

Pilot Studies

In addition to those plants listed above, BPI has conducted several large scale pilot plant studies for clients who wish to remain confidential.  A number of these were conducted in the pharmaceutical industry.


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